Lawn Leveling

Picture an inviting, lush, smooth lawn accenting your home or business. The key to achieving this image goes beyond what you see on the surface of the grass. Rich, even turf starts at the foundation of the yard. Professional lawn leveling, also known as top dressing, can dramatically improve the appearance of your grass and ensure a safe outdoor surface for outdoor activity. At Accurate Lawn Leveling, we specialize in building beautiful lawns. Lawn leveling is one of the most impactful services we offer our residential and commercial clients.

Lawn LevelingA Functional and Safe Foundation for Your Lawn

Even the most precise watering and fertilizing regimens can be undone by an uneven turf foundation. No matter how rich and thick the grass being mowed is, if the foundation below has depressions or ridges, the mower blades will dip and the cut grass surface will be uneven. And that’s at best. At worst, the mower blade will bald a section of the turf, leaving a distracting and unattractive brown spot.

Going beyond the aesthetics, an uneven lawn poses safety concerns. Hidden low spots can roll an ankle. Camouflaged mounds are real tripping hazards. In a worst-case scenario, there could be serious injury. Perhaps, though, the unlucky individual simply lands on soft grass. Nonetheless, the embarrassment will be real and the experience not one you’d want at your home or place of business.

What You Can Expect With Lawn Leveling

When you partner with Accurate Lawn Leveling for your lawn top dressing, you can expect a commitment to detail. Our hand-leveling process involves the careful application of customized, nutrient-dense soil, compost and sand mixtures designed to fill in the low spots. Best of all, with our careful planning and spreading process, you can expect your grass to continue to grow through the top dressing, which is generally 1/2″ to 1/4″ inch in thickness. If there are areas with significant depression, we can incorporate grass seed or grass plugs to encourage quick fill-in.

The benefits of lawn leveling are immediate and ongoing. Accurate Lawn Leveling’s top dressing service will:

  • improve the overall soil composition of your lawn by returning depleted nutrients needed for optimal grass health.
  • alleviate soil compaction, encouraging better turf growth going forward.
  • result in a safe and beautiful grass surface for your home or business, season after season.

The Lawn You Envision

So, close your eyes and imagine….

  • your home or business with a picture-perfect, rich and green, icing-smooth lawn.
  • freshly mowed grass, absent of distracting mower rings or uneven mower wheel treading.
  • family and friends, clients and customers, moving easily and safely across the rich turf.
  • a pick-up game of football or soccer where the only concern is the score of the game.
  • an outdoor party on your lawn with guests comfortably moving about the grass.

Lawn top dressing can make that vision your reality.

Serving clients in the greater metropolitan footprints of Dallas, Houston and Oklahoma City, Accurate Lawn Leveling has been creating beautiful lawns for over 30 years. We understand the value of a beautiful lawn. We appreciate the safety of level grass surfaces. Most importantly, we know how to create this ideal turf we’re imagining. In addition to lawn leveling, to complement our premier lawn services, we specialize in french drain and retaining wall construction. Ready for that picture perfect lawn? Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.