3 Reason to Consider Re-Grading Your Lawn

You take great pride in your lawn and strive to take the best care of it. However, there is only so much you can do on some lawns. You can top dress to fill in dips, but if your lawn isn’t properly graded, poor drainage and compacted soil will by your constant problem. It causes what could be a great lawn to be, just okay. However, re-grading your lawn can be a major process, but you do reap so many benefits from having it done.

3 Reason to Consider Re-Grading Your Lawn

Solve Drainage Issues

The obvious reason to re-grade a lawn is to solve any and all drainage problems. By taking up the entire lawn, you do not simply need to react to problems, but you can actively prevent them and design the drainage of your lawn in a way that works for you.

Remove the Extra Thatch

Over time as your lawn ages, thatch builds up. This is a layer of roots, shoots, and stems that sticks between your lawn and the soil. It can cause your roots to dry up faster in the heat and deprive your lawn of oxygen in the rain. Re-grading allows for it to be swiftly removed.

Replace Weeds With Grass

Keeping a weed-free lawn is a marathon battle. Some weeds are so persistent that it seems like you can’t win. However, when you re-grade, you can replace your lawn with lush weed-free grass of your choosing. You will need to be proactive in keep weeds away, but this can give you a head start.

Need Help?

Re-grading your lawn is a precise process and not one that the standard homeowner is ready to take on. If you are having drainage issues and believe your lawn can benefit from a re-grading, contact us today to see how Accurate Lawn Leveling can help you.