How to Tell If You Need a French Drain Installed

Water accumulation is a common concern for property owners. If you’ve experienced soggy yards, it’s time to consider an effective drainage solution. One such solution is the French Drain. Here’s how to determine if you need one installed on your property.

How to Tell If You Need a French Drain Installed

What is a French Drain?

Before diving into the signs that you need a French Drain, it’s important to understand what it is. A French Drain is a slightly sloped trench filled with round gravel and a pipe that diverts water away from your home. Named after Henry Flagg French, who popularized this solution in the 1850s, it has since become a go-to drainage method.

Signs You Need a French Drain

  1. Constantly Wet Yard
    • If your lawn remains wet days after a rainstorm, it’s a sign that water isn’t draining properly. A soggy lawn can be unsightly and can lead to other problems like mold, mildew, and damage to your lawn or garden.
  2. Downward Sloping Yard
    • If your yard slopes toward your home, it can direct water straight to your foundation. Installing this drain can provide an alternate path for the water, keeping it away from your home.
  3. Erosion in Your Yard
    • If you notice areas of erosion in your yard after heavy rainfall, it indicates that water flow isn’t properly controlled. This type of drain can help manage and redirect this flow.

Benefits of a French Drain

  1. Protects Your Foundation
    • Excessive water can weaken the foundation of your home. By redirecting the water, a French Drain protects your home’s structural integrity.
  2. Prevents Mold and Mildew
    • Wet areas can become breeding grounds for mold and mildew, which can harm your home’s indoor air quality. A dry basement and yard can significantly reduce these risks.
  3. Enhances Property Value
    • A well-maintained and dry landscape can increase your property’s value. Potential buyers will appreciate the proactive measures taken to ensure proper drainage.

Determining the need for a French Drain is the first step towards safeguarding your property from potential water damage. If you’ve observed any of the signs mentioned above, it might be time to consider this effective drainage solution. At Accurate Lawn Leveling, we specialize in installing French Drains tailored to your property’s needs. Ensure the longevity and health of your landscape by investing in the right drainage solutions. Contact us today!