Regrading Your Yard

Drainage issues can cause annoying problems in your yard, thereby minimizing enjoyment of your family’s outdoor activities and reducing its appearance. Other than being an eyesore, some drainage problems can cause extensive damages to your yard. When the drainage problems in your yard are significant, you may need to regrade it. Uneven surfaces on your yard could be an indication that your yard is not graded properly. An improperly graded yard can cause damages to your grass, plants, and home. Water pooling around your house can cause structural problems to its foundation. You may regrade your yard if you are thinking of installing a swimming pool and new landscaping. Regrading can help in leveling the surface of your yard to ensure the proper growth of your lawn.

Regrading Your Yard

Signs that You Need to Regrade Your Yard

Below are the different signs that your yard needs a regrade.

  • Compacted areas on your yard
  • The pooling of water on your sidewalks and driveways
  • The appearance of lumps from tree roots
  • Growth of mold or fungus on some parts of your yard
  • Water pooling around the foundation of your home

Ways of Regrading Your Yard

It would help if you made proper planning and preparation before regrading your yard. With the help of a professional, you need to mark the high and low points of your yard.

By using the vertical distance that exists between low and high points, the professional determines the level grade line.

After completing the measurements, specialized equipment is used to add topsoil to the low points to create an even space with the high points.

The cost of a regrade depends on several factors, including:

  • The amount of preparation work
  • Scope and complexity of the work
  • Existing damages
  • Quality of soil

Regrading is not a project that you can carry out on your own. Our skilled and experienced professionals have what it takes to have the job done well. Contact us today at Accurate Lawn Leveling to regrade your yard correctly.