3 Unexpected Benefits of Topdressing

Flooding, burst pipes, and even normal ground settling can result in bumpy terrain. This issue can often be remedied through topdressing, which involves using a special topsoil to level things out. What are some advantages to topdressing? Here are a few you may want to consider.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Topdressing

Makes Mowing Easier

Bumps in your yard make mowing inherently more difficult. It takes more force to push a lawnmower over uneven patches. Riding mowers might also get hung up, in which case you risk damaging your decking or blades.

To compensate for bumps, many homeowners adjust their blades higher. This in turn results in some patches of grass that are taller than others. It also means that more frequent cuttings are needed in order to keep your lawn looking sharp.

Prevents Trips and Falls

It’s hard to maintain your footing when you are on uneven terrain. To make matters worse, tall grass can sometimes disguise bumps so that they are not easily seen. Topdressing levels out spots so you can move about safely. That way, you will not have to worry about you or your guests sustaining an injury.

Improves Soil Health

The process of top dressing involves adding organic matter to your lawn’s surface. Aeration is also performed, and will result in the organic matter doing deeper into your soil. As a result, you may notice richer, more fertile ground that produces lush, green grass. You could even find it easier to grow flowers, shrubs, vegetables, or herbs, as well.

Professional Topdressing in Texas and Oklahoma

Topdressing can be great for your lawn, but only if it is performed correctly. In addition to topdressing, our technicians also dethatch and aerate your soil. This ensures the health of your grass, while giving you an aesthetically-pleasing lawn. If you would like to smooth out the rough spots, please contact us.