Compost Versus Sand Topdressing for Lawn Leveling

The process of lawn leveling is done by spreading a mixture referred to as topdressing over your lawn. It settles into the low spots of your lawn, raising the grass up over time to create a more even surface so you avoid puddles and twisted ankles. However, there are actually two types of product that is referred as topdressing – a compost type and a sand type.

Compost Versus Sand Topdressing for Lawn Leveling

While they are both called topdressing, compost and sand types are used for different purposes. Typically compost topdressing is used to fertilize lawns. It is spread in a thin layer that grants nutrients to a lawn so it grows lush and healthy. You might get some light leveling benefits, but it typically isn’t sturdy enough to fill in dips on a lawn permanently as it dissolves down.

Alternatively, there is sand topdressing, or a sand and topsoil mix, that is used in the leveling process. As sand and soil are sturdier than nutrient-rich compost, it provides the ability to permanently level low spots and settle into low spots in ensure an even surface that grass grows into.

In some cases, you may even find that companies combine these two topdressings. They will mix their sturdy sand type topdressing with a little compost topdressing. This allows the low spots to be filled, but also have nutrients to help the grass in that area continue to grow well.

Typically, if you use a landscaping company to level your lawn instead of trying to do it yourself, you don’t need to worry about topdressing type. They will use the best type for the job. If you are interested in lawn leveling, services, contact us today. We can help you get your lawn smoothed out and looking great without having to worry if you are putting down the right stuff.