4 Reasons Why Your Lawn is Uneven

Your lawn goes through drastic changes over time and seasons. As a result, you are likely to witness bumps and depressions on your lawn. An uneven lawn can be caused by a variety of factors. Ensuring your grass is level is beneficial for your yard because it prevents mishaps, especially for children, prevents injuries, and allows for the free flow of groundwater. If you have recently witnessed an uneven lawn in your yard, here are four reasons why that could be so.

4 Reasons Why Your Lawn is Uneven

Broken Sprinkler System

It’s also possible that your uneven lawn is caused by a broken or leaking sprinkler system, especially if it’s an older one. Your yard may have leaks from the sprinkler system’s water lines, which are vulnerable to damage. Because of this, it’s crucial to regularly inspect your sprinklers.

Children and Pets

Your pets and children may also be responsible if you live in a house with uneven patches of grass. Even wild creatures have been known to dig up your yard while you’re sleeping at night. When the turf is damp, your lawn can be more sensitive to this.

Uneven Thawing

Lawns with clay soil are frequently found to have uneven surfaces as they thaw out in the spring. Your grass will develop bumps over the winter as a result of the soil freezing. These lumps will then form after it begins to thaw out. Aeration and soil redistribution in clay areas are effective ways to address this problem and perhaps even prevent it. This enables a more uniform flow of water and even oxygen.


Something underneath your lawn may be the source of bumpy regions. For instance, the issue could be moles or another form of burrowing animal in your yard.

Keep Your Lawn Happy, Health and Even

An even lawn is stable to walk on, doesn’t form puddles, and is easier to mow. For the best lawn-level result engage a professional lawn leveler(contact us). At Accurate Lawn Leveling, we are the best in the industry at providing professional lawn leveling services in Oklahoma, Dallas and Houston. Our trained team prioritizes the client’s needs to ensure they get their money’s worth. If you want to make your lawn healthy and even again, call us today to get started.