Add a Level Lawn to Your To-Do List This Summer

If your lawn has holes and bumps, it can be a nuisance. It makes it harder to maintain your yard by mowing and it could be dangerous for young children or pets who might not think of looking where they’re running. It can actually damage your mower over time as well. Leveling your yard may seem like a drastic measure, but it’s very effective in getting the job done. Having a level lawn is safer for your family and actually helps maintain a healthy yard. It results in a better cut when mowing because your lawnmower isn’t scraping the ground trying to get the grass around low points. Water also pools in these lower spots, which can increase chances for lawn issues in the long run.

Add a Level Lawn to Your To-Do List This Summer

When is the best time to level your lawn?

The best time to level your lawn is when your grass is at its peak growing rate, generally during summer and spring. For any repair, late spring or early summer is a good choice. This allows plenty of time for the grass to grow and also allows for moisture to help set the job. Make sure to do all leveling work after the threat of snow is over. Not only is grass dormant in the winter months, once it starts melting, the ground becomes too wet, which can actually increase the chances for bumps to reappear.

How to keep your lawn bump free?

After a leveling job, there are some preventative measures that can be done on the homeowners end to help prevent the resurfacing of any imperfections in your lawn. Here are a few great ideas to keep bumps from coming back:

  • Minimize foot traffic when the yard is wet
  • Change your cut patterns during mowing to make sure the lawnmower tires don’t go over the same areas
  • Don’t drive a vehicle on your lawn or park on the lawn
  • Minimize preventable holes from children or pets digging

If you have an uneven yard and need professional help getting it fixed, contact us today at Accurate Lawn Leveling to learn about our lawn leveling services.