How to Level an Uneven Lawn

Mowing a level lawn is less frustrating than trying to find your way around the bumps on your lawn. An even and level lawn is safe, looks great and is easier to maintain.

How to Level an Uneven Lawn

If your lawn experiences water logging and drainage issues, leveling improves the drainage. The improved drainage allows for proper absorption of water and facilitates the outflow of water from your home.

Leveling your lawn depends on how much you care for your lawn. Before initiating the different ways of leveling your lawn, it is important to determine the degree of leveling required and whether there are any pre-existing drainage issues.

The different methods of leveling your lawn depend on the degree of damage to sections in your yard. It would help if you inspected the low spots to help you choose the most appropriate leveling method.

You need to water your lawn before leveling to ensure the soil is soft during the adjustments. It will help if you do not over water your lawn.

The most appropriate time to level your uneven lawn is during spring. The timing is best to allow grass seeds to grow and to provide enough water for the soil to be compacted.

Here are the methods on how you can level your uneven lawn.

Leveling Shallow Spots

You can apply a top dressing mixture directly to the shallow spots. It will help if you spread a thin layer over the lumpy area to fill it out completely.

After that, you can use your rake or your feet to compact the applied mixture of compost. After a few days, you can distribute grass seeds and loosely distribute your topsoil mix. It would be best if you lightly water the leveled section of your lawn two days after distributing grass seeds.

Leveling Deep Low Spots

You can level recessed areas that are more than 2 cm deep by evenly slicing into the bumpy and hollow sections on your yard. It is best if you water the area to prevent the sliced pieces from crumbling. After ensuring the area is level, lay back the sliced pieces without breaking them.

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