3 Ways To Improve Your Yard Drainage

Wet spots in your yard are an eyesore and cause annoyance. The wet spots are an indication of poor drainage in your yard that has the potential of leading to the death of the grass and the inability to mow over the spots. If the wet areas are next to your house, it can lead to a basement leak.

Below are options of achieving better drainage in your yard.

3 Ways To  Improve Your Yard Drainage

Constructing a Rain Garden

A rain garden collects and retains water thereby making your yard less soggy. Rain gardens are good for the environment and minimize lawn chemicals and pet wastes.

Plants with deep fibrous roots work well in improving the appearance on your yard. Also, you can plant native plants that thrive in the soft and watery spots. The garden creates a habitat for different types of insects and birds and provides you with of enjoyment.

Adding an Underground Drainage Pipe

You can get rid of water from soggy spots in your yard through the use of an underground drainage pipe. You will need to discharge the water in an area that is lower than the low areas in your yard.

Constructing a French Drain

French drain helps in draining away water from your yard in diverse ways. The buried pipe with a series of holes disperses the water in a large area. For the underground perforated pipe to work effectively, it must be surrounded by material through which water can drain. You can use a French drain system independently, or you can combine it with a dry well and gutters to minimize runoff of surface water.

In as much as you can improve your yard drainage by yourself, it is important seek the services of a professional. Contact us for expert drainage services in your home and business premises.