How to Level Your Yard Without Killing the Grass

As much as you make your yard even during the first seeding, it develops some uneven spots over time. This could be due to ground settling and erosion of the soil on your lawn. It is important to have an even and smooth lawn without any depressions. This is because it provides a more usable surface where you can walk on. Also, it makes different activities more enjoyable and safer for pets, kids and adults. Also, you can easily maintain an even lawn. It is easier and faster to mow a leveled lawn and the process results into a high quality cut. Below are the main ways of leveling your yard without killing the grass.

How to Level Your Yard Without Killing the Grass

Topdressing with a Leveling Mix

When you experience widespread unevenness that does not run deep, you can use a thin layer of leveling mix made up of compost, sand and soil to level the spots. Greater variation on your lawn might require several applications of topdressing.

Cutting Out a Patch of the Turf

When there are small depressions or holes on your lawn covered with healthy grass, you can cut out a patch and add the soil mix below it then putting back the patch. The technique, known as sweeping under the carpet, is most suitable for leveling localized depressions without exposure of the soil.

Gently Compacting the Soil

You can fill deep uneven sections of your lawn by compacting the soil gently and watering the section as you fill up the uneven areas. By piling loose dirt, the soil will settle without killing the grass. You can compact the soil by walking on it regularly.

Whichever way you choose to level your lawn without killing the grass, the best time to undertake the process is during spring. The mild conditions during spring gives your lawn a chance to regain its shape before the harsh conditions of summer.

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