Solutions to Backyard Drainage Problems

When your backyard is flat, soils are dense, and the water table is high, you are likely to experience drainage problems. The drainage problems undermine your structures’ quality and appearance and turn your backyard into an eyesore because of the swampy pools of water. Due to the existing potential for damage occasioned by drainage problems in your backyard, you need to find long-lasting solutions.

A good yard drainage designer will examine the nature of your yard and establish the topography. This helps in identifying the exact spots with problems to come up with long term solutions.

There are solutions to solve drainage problems in your backyard, including;

Solutions to Backyard Drainage Problems

Underground Drainage

When a hardpan layer exists in your backyard, there is a high possibility of poor drainage. Site-wide grading and a drainage plan with underground pipes fed by drop inlets can solve drainage problems resulting from the existence of a hardpan layer.

Installation of underground pipes helps drain water off the site in your backyard and into a storm drain. The underground drainage plan may prove to be the most critical aspect of drainage in areas that experience heavy rainfall.

Also, you can try digging sump punches into your backyard through a hardpan layer into more porous soils.

Surface Drainage

When the soil in your backyard is clay, you will likely suffer problems with loafing surface water. Builders make mistakes with the grades, and water becomes trapped in your backyard, causing muddy spots in your lawns.

You can create a new drainage plan that utilizes surface grading to ensure the fall to drain is sufficient. You can also install a French drain to prevent water from gathering on the surface of your backyard.

Use of Water Loving Plants

Landscaping on your backyard can be a real challenge if it is low-lying, and the water table is high. You can plant plants belonging to the riparian species in such landscapes.

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