Does Lawn Leveling Kill Your Grass?

You may be vaguely familiar with the lawn leveling process where sand or a sand compost mixture is spread over your lawn to fill low spots. You may even be intrigued with the myriad of benefits it can have to your yard. However, the potential part that you don’t want to deal with is having any dead spots in your lawn. The one thing that stands between you and a perfect even lawn is a question – does lawn leveling kill grass?

Does Lawn Leveling Kill Your Grass?

Not if it is done correctly.

Lawn leveling can be fixing a slope or readjusting the grade of a yard, but those are more involved and expensive projects. In most cases, leveling is simply filling those dips and low spots that have manifested due to natural causes. In order to fill this, sand is added to a yard, and if you were to bury your entire lawn deep enough, it may kill the grass. However, a good leveling company will only cover a blade of grass up to half its length at maximum. This still allows the grass to receive sunlight, and thus it will continue to grow.

What this means is that if you have particularly deep spots, your lawn leveling process may take several treatments of this sand and compost mixture referred to as topdressing. This is done specifically to give your lawn time to reestablish itself so that it isn’t outright killed by the process.

The short answer of it all is that if you are using a reputable landscape company that does lawn leveling, your lawn should not only live through the process, but will probably thrive. If you are looking to reap the benefits of a flat yard and are ready to make the jump, contact us today to see how Accurate Lawn Leveling can help.