4 Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to carve out usable space in sloping terrain, but they have many more uses than just creating a space for play and sprucing up the look of your garden. Here are 4 great reasons to incorporate a retaining wall into your landscape!

4 Benefits of Retaining Walls

1. Privacy

If your yard is sloping, chances are that your neighbor’s is too. This can significantly decrease your level of privacy, especially if your neighbor’s home sits higher than yours. A retaining wall can act as a privacy fence between the properties in these situations.

2. Improved Drainage

A lack of privacy isn’t the only downside to living at the bottom of a hill. You also have to contend with the danger of flooding. Water flows downhill, and this can lead to pooling around your home or other structures, as well as leading to damaging flooding when the weather turns from bad to worse. Retaining walls not only level out the landscape to minimize the flow of water, they also typically incorporate a french drain¬†which reroutes that flow to where it does the most good.

3. Erosion

Another issue with rainfall can be those arising from erosion. Soil can be washed away, leaving bald patches in your yard or even creating small cliffs that are not only unsightly, but can also be dangerous. Retaining walls flatten out the landscape, keeping everything exactly where it should be, safe and beautiful no matter the weather.

4. Beauty

Speaking of beauty, one of the best reasons to consider incorporating a retaining wall is the fact that they’re gorgeous to look at! Whether made of wood, stone, or other material, retaining walls can break up the landscape, creating a depth that simply isn’t possible for some yards without them.

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