French Drain Installation for a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn

Most homeowners and business owners have probably experienced standing water or flooding on their property at some point. After a heavy rain, the soil can become so saturated that excess water simply pools up in the lawn. If this happens repeatedly, all of that water can wreak havoc on lawns, gardens, and building foundations. Luckily, French drains are an easy solution to prevent flooding and maintain a beautiful lawn.

French Drain Installation for a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn

How Do They Work?

French drains, invented by Henry French, were originally designed for drainage on farm lands. Today, they are commonly used on every type of property to prevent water damage to building foundations. First, a ditch is dug that leads from the problem area to a nearby street, storm drain, or low spot in the yard. This is then filled with a perforated pipe, rocks, and gravel. Future rainwater should seep through the gravel, into the pipe, and flow towards a more appropriate outlet.

Part of the Landscape

A French drain can usually work around existing landscaping, and should even contribute to healthier grass and gardens. Without oversaturated soil, plant roots will be able to breathe instead of rotting from such wet conditions. The use of decorative stones and gravel can also help make French drains appear to be an intentional piece of the landscape design, rather than just a drainage system.

Final Thoughts

If your home or business has been suffering from flooding after heavy rains, then it may be time to install a new drainage system. French drains are an elegant and effective method to channel excess water to a better location. Not only will better drainage improve your curb appeal, but it will protect your building’s foundation and your plants. To learn more about French drain installation or other drainage techniques, get in touch with our team today. Let Accurate Lawn Leveling help you keep a beautiful lawn.