Here’s How Lawn Leveling Can Keep Your Kids Safe

Lawns are one of the primary place’s kids play. Lots of running, rolling and anything else the kids decide to do all play a role not only on the health of your lawn but how safe it is for the kids to play on. There can be uneven surface issues that can lead to falls, broken bones and just plain embarrassment. The solution: a level lawn that’s safe for everyone. Here’s how a level lawn can keep your kids safe and prevent them from injuring themselves.

Here's How Leveling Lawn Can Keep Your Kids Safe

Filling in Divots Prevent Rolled Ankles

Uneven lawns can have divots that are hidden under the grass. If not filled in, injury is bound to happen. By having a professional fill in these holes and divots, kids will have less of a chance of stepping in one and falling. Not only that, but the material used to fill it in is made to make grass grow back in that area.

Mounds are Leveled

Holes and divots are not the only way lawns can be uneven. Small mounds, while seeming insignificant, are another cause for concern. Mounds can be tripped over, causing kids to fall. This also means that when you mow the grass, that spot is prone to being cut too short, causing damage to that area. Leveling will solve this problem and allow for even mowing and safe running.


When it rains and your lawn doesn’t have proper drainage, depressions can form. These areas are sunken areas that form after it rains or snow melts. They can become deeper the more they are stepped on and can leave your lawn with small pools of water from poor drainage, leading to an increased risk of twisting an ankle.

Leveling lawns is what we do best here at Accurate Lawn Leveling. We have decades of experience and highly trained staff that can get the job done right. If you’re ready to prevent your kids, or anyone, from getting injured on the lawn, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.