How Much Does Lawn Leveling Cost?

When it comes to any project that needs to be done in your home or to your lawn, the inevitable first question on your mind will be, “How much will this cost?” Of course, the cost of lawn leveling varies by area to area and even contractor to contractor, but you can expect the same general cost estimate.

How Much Does Lawn Leveling Cost?

When it comes to the cost of lawn leveling, there are several factors that can affect the price. Here are a few major factors that affect the price of lawn leveling:

Yard Size

Obviously, the larger the lawn that need re-leveling, the more it will cost. The good news is that even if you have a very large yard, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole thing will need leveling. In many cases, only a few spots will need to be addressed.

Re-Grading Versus Dips

If you just have puddling in certain spots of your lawn, you may just need to fill the dips to make sure the drainage continues. However, if your lawn suffers from overall poor drainage because it has fallen out of grade, it will need to be completely re-graded. Re-grading is necessary, but much more expensive.

Roots, Sewers, and Other Lawn Damage

If your yard is out of level because you have had problems with tree roots, sewer problems, or burrowing animals, you can expect to spend more. You may not necessarily spend it on the lawn leveling service, but on other services that will need to fix these problems. For example, having a lawn leveled when you have a collapsed sewer drain that is causing the unevenness is not the best first move. The sewer will need to be repaired or your lawn will just get worse.

Do you have an uneven lawn and want to learn what it would cost specifically to have it level again? Contact us today so the professionals at Accurate Lawn Leveling can do to give you an accurate estimate.