Is it Appropriate to Level Your Lawn Using Pure Sand?

Most people believe lawn leveling is a complicated and expensive process. However, it is easy to level your lawn, and the process does not cost much. It would help if you filled uneven spots in your lawn during the growing season which is usually during summer and spring. The appropriate time to level your lawn depends on the type of grass on your yard.

Is it Appropriate to Level Your Lawn Using Pure Sand?

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Level Your Lawn Using Pure Sand

Most times, sand is used to level lawns though it can cause problems. In this regard, you do not need to use pure sand in leveling your lawn. This is because most lawns contain clay which makes the grass growing process difficult.

Therefore, when you add pure sand on top of the clay, it turns the soil into a cement-like body with worse drainage abilities.

During summer, sand dries out fast, and this makes the grass grown on it to suffer due to the heat. Grass grown on sand also becomes prone to extreme hot and cold conditions.

Appropriate Alternatives

Due to the adverse effects of adding pure sand on your lawn by itself, it is better to use a mixture of sand and dry topsoil to level uneven sections on your lawn.

You can make your lawn leveling soil by mixing pure sand and dry topsoil in a ratio of 1:1. It will help if you spread the mixture into low-lying segments of your lawn. In case you want to enrich the soil, you can use compost. Whether you use compost or soil and sand mix, you do not need to cover existing grass.

Light fertilization and thorough watering are necessary after leveling. After leveling and you notice some low areas still existing, it is advisable to allow the grass to grow through the soil for at least thirty days before carrying out the process again. After that, you can add the topsoil mixture to the existing low areas.

The deeper areas on your lawn require a different approach. The approach entails removing the grass and filling the lower areas with soil mix and then laying the grass back. You need to fertilize and water thoroughly for the grass to grow.

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