Ways of Top dressing Your Lawn

Reasons for Unevenness on Your Lawn

Some parts of your lawn can become uneven over time because of different reasons. The reasons range from natural causes, drainage issues to settling.

Ways of Top dressing Your Lawn

Extreme and Less Extreme Leveling

You can solve less extreme cases of leveling by top dressing with a layer of sand and soil. Top dressing helps in solving extensive unevenness on your lawn.

For extreme leveling cases, there might be a need for numerous applications of topdressing and filling the deep variations with soil and sand and reseeding.

Different Ways of Leveling Your Lawn

Sweeping Under the Carpet

You can level small holes in your lawn by cutting out a patch and adding soil below it then laying back the patch of the turf. This technique known as sweeping under the carpet is a common technique that you can use to level localized holes. It works well without exposing soil on the grass.

Use of Sand

Pure sand is quick and easy to use and gives an excellent structure to your lawn. Besides, sand helps with the drainage and easily clings to the clay in the soil. You need to use the right amount of sand because too much of it might leave your lawn dry.

Use of Soil and Sand

You can also consider using the right mixture of soil and sand. Mixing soil and sand in leveling the depressions on your lawn enhances the nutrients and adds beneficial bacteria that is necessary for the health of your lawn.

Therefore, you need to choose the best top dressing based on the existing type of soil on your lawn. If there is a need for seeding some parts of your lawn, it is important to mix soil and sand to enable germination of seeds.

If you are filling up the holes and depressions on your lawn, and you are not worried about nutrients and microbial value, then you can use sand.

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