Lawn Top Dressing Ultimate Guide

First impressions are irretrievable. Lawns make a lasting impression concerning a home or an organization. If the appearance of your yard is almost driving you to the point of insanity because of either fungus, heat stress, weeds, or grubs, the concept of lawn top dressing is just what you need.

Lawn Top Dressing Ultimate Guide

What is Lawn Top Dressing?

Top dressing is the addition of a mixture of different materials over the lawn’s surface or sections of your grass. The combination is meant to eventually become a part of the root zone, letting the existing grass grow through the top dressing material.

Why Do You Need A Top Dressing?

Top dressing helps dilute/break down the thatch layer on your lawn. Regular top dressing helps prevent the build-up of thatch. The different materials used can also add nutrients to your soil, improving the structure of its root zone. And stimulate grass growth.

  • The type of top dressing material used can affect your result. A sand-based top dressing will organically add nutrients to your lawn and improve drainage.
  • Adding top dressing mix to existing voids and depressions in your lawn will help keep the lawns surface leveled. It ensures your lawn is no longer a safety hazard.
  • If your lawn is crowded out by weeds or has bare spots, top dressing can improve your soil conditions and the soil’s overall resilience.
  • In situations where you’ve re-seeded your lawn, top dressing allows the seeds to make direct contact with soil, stimulating germination.

Materials Used for Lawn Top Dressing

  • Sand: Lime-free sand with medium-sized particles which is neither too fine nor too coarse is preferred for top dressing. It’s best for leveling & improving soil composition.
  • Peat: Finely sieved sedge peat is the way to go. It’s best for lawns with worm casts.
  • Loam: It should be high quality. It’s best for a sports pitch.
  • Compost: You can also consider top dressing using high-quality compost. It can be made at home using readily available materials or bought in pre-packaged portions.

Why Hire Professionals to do Lawn Top Dressing

Top dressing can seem like a pretty straightforward process. Although you can do it yourself, it’s advisable to seek professional insight. An expert will ensure:

  • Match the top dressing pH to your soil and even improve it.
  • Recommend/use materials uniquely tailored to the needs of your lawn.
  • Use top dressing of the highest quality, considering: potassium index, phosphorus index, magnesium index, and pH level.

How We Can Help

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