Will a Lawn Become Uneven Again After Leveling?

Like with most processes you do to your home and yard, lawn leveling or re-grading is something you want to last for as long as possible. However, even if we don’t always notice it right away, the soil around our home is constantly changing and shifting. This means that your perfectly level lawn won’t stay that way forever without proper attention.

Will a Lawn Become Uneven Again After Leveling?

While a lawn that has been leveled or re-grade can last for a few years, unfortunately you will probably need to have the process done a few times in your lifetime if you want to maintain a flat, even lawn. A lot of things can affect the evenness of your lawn including:

  • Earthworm activity
  • Decay
  • Tree or plant removal
  • Tree surface roots
  • Thatch build up
  • Sewer issues
  • Drainage issue
  • Wind and water erosion

All of the above can contribute to lumps, bumps, and depressions in your lawn over time. In many cases, if you have had your lawn re-graded, you will mostly be just addressing issues as they pop up with lawn leveling via top dressing every now and then. However, if you let drainage or erosion issues persist, they will wear down the grading in your yard at an advanced rate.

As you would expect, a re-grading, because it has to remove your lawn, is more expensive than a simple installation of a drainage system or top dressing to level out uneven spots. It is another simple cause of addressing issues saving you money before they become more major issues that need major solutions.

If you have an uneven lawn and are sick of twisting your ankle just walking across it, contact us today. Accurate Lawn Leveling can give you an assessment of what is causing this issue and what we can do to fix the problem up quickly.