3 Reasons To Get A Lawn Top Dressing

If you are looking into improving your uneven lawn, then hiring a professional to come and perform lawn leveling for you is a good idea. This will help to make your lawn much more level and will provide you with a variety of other benefits. As part of the leveling process, they place a lawn top dressing on your lawn. Here are three great reasons to get a lawn top dressing.

3 Reasons To Get A Lawn Top Dressing

The Applied Soil Is Nutrient Dense

One excellent reason to get a lawn top dressing applied on your uneven lawn is because it is made up of nutrient dense soil. This is excellent for your current grass, and for the new grass that will grow in, because it will provide it with all the nutrients that it needs to grow in thick and healthy. This will allow you to have a great looking lawn, that is also level and safe.

It Is Applied By Hand 

Another great reason to get a lawn top dressing professionally applied to your lawn is because it is applied by hand. The dressing is carefully spread over the uneven areas of your lawn, which ensures that it is leveling out all the areas and is applied carefully, without causing any harm to the surrounding grass.

It Alleviates Soil Impaction

Lawns can become unlevel if the soil compacts in some areas, but not in others. This not only makes the lawn unsightly and unsafe, but it can also make it more difficult for the grass to grow. When lawn top dressing is applied to your lawn, this helps to create more aeration in the lawn, which helps the nutrients to get deeper into the soil and helps the grass to grow properly.

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