Backyard Drainage Solutions For Your Landscape

Flatlands, dense soils and high water tables can be a nightmare for homeowners who want to keep their backyards free from water. Failure to incorporate better drainage systems into your backyard can undermine your structures, destroy expensive plants and convert your backyard into a swamp. It is important for homeowners of Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City to consider landscape control methods to prevent these potential problems. Here at Accurate Lawn Leveling, we provide a perfect solution to these problems using our team of experienced craftsmen to deliver passionately to your problem at an affordable fee.

This post will identify backyard drainage solutions. Backyard Drainage Solutions For Your Landscape

How To Identify Backyard Drainage Problems 

A competent designer will always identify the problem in your backyard as the first step before formulating a solution. The three most common causes of backyard drainage problems; groundwater that rises when high amounts of rainfall, poor-draining soils, and high water table levels.

Problems and Their Solutions

Problem#1: Poor-Draining Soils

Solution: Underground Drainage Systems

Poor-draining soils are one major cause of drainage problems. These soils hold water-like sponges, making it difficult to drain. They are a great challenge for spot solutions. The solution to this problem is installing underground systems of plastic pipes linked to trench drains. The system is an easy-to-install system that provides you with a perfect solution to this problem.

Problem#2: Groundwater Rising During Rainy Season

Solution: French Drainage

Rising in groundwater during rainfall can be another major cause of backyard drainage problems in some areas of Texas. Water can rise through the ground and collect in low spots. Once this happens, the water can overflow onto your property, causing damage to your lawns and other landscaping. French drainages are designed to drain water from high to low surfaces. They are usually made behind retaining walls to release high water pressure.

Problem#3: High Water Table Levels

Solution: Deep Percolation Wells

High water table levels can cause serious issues if they remain unchecked. As the water level rises, it can reach the root zone of trees and shrubs. In addition, the roots of grasses and flowers can become damaged. A good way to fix this problem is by installing deep percolation wells. These wells are installed below the surface of your property and allow water to flow down slowly. By doing so, the water does not stay above the root zone of your plants and trees.

Bottom Line

Accurate Lawn Leveling provides solutions to all kinds of backyard drainage problems you are currently facing. Our professional services protect your landscape against future flooding and other drainage-related problems. Contact us today and get a perfect solution to your backyard drainage problems  and other landscape services.