4 Reasons to Add a Retaining Wall to Your Yard

If you’re improving your landscape, your contractor may recommend including a retaining wall, especially if your lawn has a steep slope. A retaining wall can be an attractive addition to your yard, and also provides several benefits. Here are four reasons to add a retaining wall to your yard.

4 Reasons to Add a Retaining Wall to Your Yard

Control Floods and Prevent Erosion

Storms can bring excessive wind and water, leading to flooding and soil erosion in your landscape. A retaining wall can help prevent erosion and control flooding. A retaining wall can support your landscape’s soil. It will also reduce runoff by reducing the speed at which water travels over the landscape’s surface.

Structural Support

By adding a retaining wall to your landscape, you’ll protect your home and increase the safety of your yard. A retaining wall helps to keep soil in place and prevent it from sliding forward into a landslide. Many homeowners choose to add a French drain in addition to a retaining wall.

Attractive Landscape

A retaining wall can provide a bold, attractive focal point for your yard. Retaining walls can be built from a number of materials, including boulders, wood, or bricks. You have a lot more options than just a concrete block wall. You can design a retaining wall to complement the rest of your landscape.

Increase Functional Yard Space

Hills and mounds can give your yard an attractive look. However, they’re difficult to landscape, and they take up valuable space in your yard. Adding a retaining wall can increase the amount of functional space in your backyard. You can also use a retaining wall to segment off different sections of your yard, such as an entertainment space.

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