Why You Should Skip Rolling Your Uneven Lawn to Level It

Bumpy, uneven lawns are a problem that has been around since lawns were first invented. People who were tired of tripping over dips and small bumps created some inventive way to smooth them out in an attempt to remove them. Unfortunately, some of them are more effective than others. These days, there are really only two methods that people try, but only one is actually effective.

Why You Should Skip Rolling Your Lawn to Level It

One of the easier more DIY lawn leveling solutions is to purchase a roller, which is essentially just a metal barrel with a handle attached so you can roll it across your lawn. The idea is that the weight of the barrel smooths out the small lumps in your lawn. This is ineffective for several reasons.

First, the weight needed to effectively smooth out the bumps in your lawn is often much more than a roller provides. If you do find a heavier model, you risk compacting your turf so much that the grass will struggle to grow. Of course, your heartier weeds will do just fine, though.

The other issue is that a roller doesn’t really work for dips. It aims to smooth out smaller lumps, but it won’t redistribute them, just smash them down.

The solution you need when you have an uneven lawn is to level it using topdressing. This is something you often need to do only a few times in your lifetime as long as you are diligent with seeding and aerating your lawn. The best part is that you don’t have a large, bulky, and ultimately useless roller taking up space in your storage areas.

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