Factors Influencing the Cost of French Drain Installation

French drains may be a good solution to drainage problems on your lawn if areas on your yard are always muddy, and water moves slowly or collects in your driveway.  French drain installation is a simple setup, but its always helpful to consider the cost.

Below are the main factors that influence the cost of installing a French drain.

Factors Influencing the Cost of French Drain Installation


The costs of installing an interior and an exterior French drain vary. An exterior French drain is less expensive compared to an interior one. The decision to install either an exterior or an interior drain depends on the problem at hand and the effectiveness in improving the drainage in your yard.


You can choose either a shallow or footing drain, depending on whether you want to drain groundwater or basement water. Besides, a shallow drain is easy to install contrary to a deep one.


You can install your drain on several spaces in your yard. The French drains are most effective when installed at the most appropriate location and the correct depth.

When you are using an outdoor drain, it would be best if you install it on a sloppy area to assist with the drainage.

Cost of Labor and Materials

The cost of purchasing materials, together with the labor expenses, affects the overall cost of installing a French drain. The labor charges and costs of materials vary depending on the type, location, and depth of the drain that you are installing.


French drain installation may require permits, which might translate to increased cost of installation. Therefore, you need to find out from the local authorities before starting the installation process.

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